2018 research activity

This list is in reverse chronological order. N.B. CUL means Cambridge University Library.

Date Activity
Late December Final draft (online) and test print of 10 books. Now to find someone to read them.
Early December Drafts and changes to black & white illustrations and some re-design to reduce the page count.
October Cover design still a problem, but have settled on one that is better than
the rest of a bad bunch.  I will need some help with the cover design.
However its good enough for an Authors Proof.
September Sent version of book to Book Printing for assessment.  Comes back with
report, there is little I need to change.  Have yet to produce a cover design that I like. More editorial changes for errors I’ve spotted (mainly typos) and more indexing.
July & August Investigating book publishing method. Settled on Book Printing UK for
Authors draft.
19 July First of many reviews of the book. Formatting changes to reduce
page count.
Changes made to appearance of printed pages. Indexing.
Using Adobe to convert colour to B&W for Authors Draft.
04 July CUL for books on John and Peter Dollond.
05 & 06 June CUL for books about the Industrial Revolution by Arnold Toynbee.
Books on population and employment statistics for the UK.
23 May CUL for information about Walker and Gilbert
01 May CUL for books on Joseph Banks
23  & 25 April CUL for books on Navigation
06 April CUL for books on Nevile Maskelyne
31 Mar CUL for books on Nevile Maskelyne
29 March CL for books on Robert Brown
27 March CUL for books on Robert Brown and Sir Joseph Banks
08 Feb CUL for books on Young
31 Jan CUL  for books on Young
23 Jan CUL for books on Young
19 Jan CUL for books on Thomas Young
16 Jan CUL for books on Kater and Howard
10 Jan CUL for books on Thomson
 05 Jan  CUL for books on Thomson