What the book will look like

The book is produced in A4 size in a glue binding and soft covers. It has Black and White illustrations. It has approximately 350 pages.

Avoiding history as “one dam thing after another”

I’m going to try a new approach to this history of the industrial revolution. First of all I want to make the book “picturefull”, where complex information is presented in diagrams and pictures.

The subjects are grouped into the technical areas that they influenced by grouping them together into  THEMES and in some cases sub-themes.

Dates, times and other people tend to clutter up the narrative, so I will show diagrammatically:

  • where the subject worked and lived on a PLACES map of the UK
  • the main life events both personal and professional on a TIME map.the personal and professional connections between the subject and other people shown in a PEOPLE map.

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