Matthew Boulton

Born this day 3rd September 1728, this well known and respected business man partnered with engineer James Watt to make improvements to the stationary steam engine used to power factories and drain mines. Cleverly they did not patent their idea, they licenced it and took a cut of the fuel savings their condenser made possible.

William Allen

Born on the 29th August, William was a trusted (Quaker) maker of medicines at a time when “over the counter” medicines could contain almost anything, even harmful substances. People knew they could trust him and knew that his medicine would work (or at least not harm them). He was also a social reformer and set up an “ideal” community in Surrey.

William Murdock

Boulton and Watt’s talented workshop manager and Cornish agent, was born on the 21st. He also invented generating gas from coal and kicked off the gas lighting of the UKs streets and buildings. His bosses missed a trick, they would not support his idea.

August On this Day catch up

Born on the 1st August, Chemist Richard Watson, who was also a Church of England Bishop.

On the 3rd Charles (Lord) Stanhope, inventor of an optical novelty and two colour security printing.

On the 6th William Hyde Wollaston who discovered how to refine platinum, experimenter in electricity and optics.

Not all quiet on the EMIM front

The past few months have been occupied with sending out Authors Drafts to various people and publishers for comment. I have had some very positive comments that has lead to a slight re-write of the opening section of the book (thanks John Chenery). I’ve also had some very positive comments from people who I asked to comment on the book as a reader, thanks to all of you who did it and gave me feedback.