The writing process

I hope in the future to say more about the writing process, at this stage I’m not really sure what it is! I am however getting to grips with it. But to give a brief outline:

  • Most of my effort so far is in doing research.
  • Followed up by writing the text use Mad Cap Flare.
  • Preparing or finding the illustrations. I create a lot of the illustrations using Corel Draw. For images I use photographs I have taken or those royalty free images I can find on the internet.

The process starts with a copy of the Walker text from a web site. It was converted to MS Word and cleaned up because the scanning and OCR of the original left a lot of text errors.

In stage 1 (see figure below) the text is split into a thumbnail and a biography, added to the contents of the book in the word processor (Mad Cap Flare)  In stage 2 information is collected. Stage 3 and 4 sees it all being put together in a final text with images. In stage  5 it is proof read and edited.


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