Makers of new machines -what this theme is it about

ThemeMNM-V01These men made the machines that made the machines, that were essential for Victorian age of Britain being the “workshop of the world”.

Marc Brunel (Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s father) made the machines that made the blocks essential for sailing ship rigging, he also made a machine to make shoes for the army. Donkin and Fourdrinier made paper in continuous rolls and revolutionised the availability of paper for news papers and books.  Bolton and Watt made steam engines that powered the factories and worked the mines. Congreve’s rockets made war and saved lives and ended up with a mention in the national anthem of the USA. Maudslay and Bramah made the machines that made the machines. Bentham was one of the movers and shakers who supported Brunel and did his own inventions too.

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