On this day…

On this day for January to March

Born on this day;

1st—Archibald Cochrane [1748] and Henry Cort (DOB uncertain) [1741].
2nd—Charles Hatchett [1765].
4th—Robert Mylne [1733].
11th—Joseph Huddart [1744] and Jeremy Bentham [1757].
19th—James Watt [1736].
23rd—William Jessop 1745].
2nd—Peter Dollond [1731].
11th—Henry Fourdrinier [1766].
12th—Sir Joseph Banks [1743].
16th—Lord Thomas Dundus [1741].
17th—James Ivory [1765].
21st—Francis Ronalds [1788].
March (so far)
6th—Davies Giddy Gilbert [1767].

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